A Special Gift for Twins –I See Me Book Review

So I’m a little late, but for those who might not know, April was Multiples Awareness Month.  I did a few things to celebrate!  First, I went to my very first Mothers of Multiples state convention (which I’ll be telling you about very soon), and secondly, we had the opportunity to get the babes a very special personalized children’s book to celebrate just how much we’re blessed to be a “multiples family.”

What’s so special about this unique gift is that it’s printed to include you’re kids’ names and the names  of the people important to them – creating a personalized experience made especially for your little ones.  From I See Me! books, we selected the title “Who Loves Me?” and added all the required details into their simple order form. 


ISeeMe.com describes this title saying:
” It is often said that there is no better gift that you can give children than love. Who Loves Me? features the names of family members and friends who love the twins. This beautifully illustrated book reassures the twins that they are loved “so much” by each person, with melodious rhymes describing the depth of each individual’s love.”


We added our children’s names, and added the names of grandparents, parents and aunt’s and uncles.  We were able to customize which names went on which pages and in what order.   Personally, we chose to pair each beautiful illustration with the person connected to that page.


I really loved being able to create a dedication page for them – with their birth date, their photograph, and a special inscription from us.  While books are always great to receive, personalized gifts of this caliber are truly a treasure. 


As a mother of multiples, it can be so frustrating to find that your pair doesn’t always fit in the typical categories of personalization and it’s so nice that I See Me! has considered this and found a way to accommodate our families.  If you’re considering a gift of personalized books for twins, we think these books are a great match.  We would definitely recommend ordering two though – as it would be so tough to decide who would receive this keepsake when the bookshelf gets split up along the course of life.


Brayden and Julie really enjoyed sharing this story together!  We’re excited to check out more of the personalized gifts offered by I See Me! including  Lunchboxes, Puzzles, Coloring Books, Placemats, Stickers  and Growth Charts!   To stay up to date on all the I See Me! offerings, follow them on the social media links below!

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