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From the moment my fingers curled around the ribbon as I finished my very first hair bow, I have been excited about the potential of what I can create.  As owner of GiggleBuzz, a Pittsburgh hair bow company, I spend countless hours gathering the right supplies, considering themes, prints and colors, and make bows late into the night to finish my creations.  I take so much pride in the products I create, knowing that I have given each of them a piece of myself in their design.

It’s because of this pride, that I believe the way I present these products to the world must be of the same caliber.  My packaging must be crisp and clean, reflecting the workman ship of my pieces.  Today’s artist marketplace no longer solely lives in a downtown district or in a popup park festival.  Our lives are increasingly digital spaces and as artists, crafters, and creators, we need to also consider the digital “packaging” we choose to present our product to our customers.  Is it attractive? Easy to use? Convenient?  Does it reflect the workmanship, time and love we’ve put into these cherished products?

A new site, House of SASS ( is that virtual embodiment of the “starving artist social scene” – or SASS.  Who is an Artist? In the House of Sass an Artist is neither defined, nor categorized, and does not possess a detailed job description.  It is the place for bakers, designers, photographers, writers, performers and artists to come together to form a creative space where customers can find everything their hearts desire.

Visiting the site, you’re welcomed into a beautifully designed space where items and services are showcased for buyers who come seeking all the things you can offer.  With the ability to add multiple full sized photographs and detailed product descriptions, customers will have all of the information needed to choose the right product for them.  Convenient, streamlined checkout ensures a successful customer experience that will bring them back again.

What makes House of SASS different though, is that it offers artists the ability to truly interact with their customer.  Artists are assigned a unique room number, which becomes their virtual storefront.  This unique room number can be shared in the future with new and reoccurring customers. Its an easy way for the buyers to navigate directly to an artist’s room where their products can be seen and purchased.  The ability to share media files can bring customers into your space, sharing with them more than than just pictures and words.  A calendar can announce your turnaround time or important dates.  Each Room gives the sellers full access to a blog board – where they can post unlimited entry’s to customers announcing new products, features and specials.  These posts also are added to the “Live Feed” blog board, sharing your works with all House of SASS visitors and drawing new customers into your room.  A really neat and convenient bonus is the active calendar that is displayed to potential buyers, who might be interested in booking an event with a Photographer, or a DJ. Its also a great way to view turnaround time frame’s on handcrafted products.

For me, efficiency is a huge component when choosing an artist eCommerce  solution, and House of SASS offers the ability for bulk item uploading – something very few other sites offer.  It’s a way to share numerous products with one upload, without tirelessly selecting the same options on screen after screen for individual uploads.  House of Sass is more than an alternative to Big Cartel or site like etsy, it’s the focus on the artist that makes this site stand out from the crowd.  

An Artist creates with his or her soul, and reaps the benefits, not with their pocket book, but with their hard earned efforts. House of Sass was created to enhance the riches of the Artists.  This trendy online Art House Hotel was founded by a woman who is not only a Mommy of two, but she is also an Artist. So she knows first hand how frustrating and daunting it can be to work hard to deliver a quality craft, with minimal return. For this reason, House of SASS never takes a portion of your sales, nor do they charge you for each listing you create.  Instead, artists pay a nominal monthly fee as “rent” for their digital room, with three options available to fit everyone’s budget.

 Standard Room: The price to rent this room is $4.95/per month. This room was designed for the smaller scale artists, who only sell and push their craft on a part time basis. The total product upload capacity is 15 products to be showcased within their room. This works great for the non “power” sellers who are only looking to showcase on a smaller scale. It also allows for 45MB of Upload Capacity and unlimited access to blog boards and listing services.

Deluxe Room: The price to rent this room is $7.95/per month. This room was designed for the average artists, who sell and push their craft on a more full time basis. The total product upload capacity is 30 products to be showcased within their room. This room comfortably accommodates the average seller who is looking to share their craft with the world! It also allows for 90MB of Upload Capacity and unlimited access to blog boards and listing services.

Penthouse Suite: The price to rent this room is $15.95 per month. This room was designed specifically for the “Power”selling Artists, who rely on their craft on a full time basis. The total product upload capacity is UNLIMITED and can showcase as many products as desired. It also allows for up to 150 MB of upload Capacity and unlimited access to blog boards and listing services.

The House of Sass feeds the services and products, of all types of  Artistic creations! What kind of artist are you? Whether you custom design fashion, furniture pieces, a baker who creates one of a kind wedding cakes, cupcakes, or cookies, an architect, a graphic designer, a photographer, a writer, an interior designer, a tattoo artist, a vintage designer, a DJ, or even a Magician looking to increase bookings. Whatever the case, you have a room ready to rent within the walls of  House of Sass!

A huge focus on our Residents, are stay at home moms, who are literally stitching, sewing, crafting everything by hand.  Now is their time, and House of Sass is their space to show the world all that they have to offer.

The great news is, that House of Sass is offering six months complimentary membership for new artists.  Choose whichever level best suits your needs.  You have nothing to loose and so much to gain in welcoming customers in to see the products you have so carefully created.  Give House of Sass a try by signing up at Use Coupon Code Sass6 at checkout to get 6 months of membership for FREE!

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