A Special Gift for Twins –I See Me Book Review


So I’m a little late, but for those who might not know, April was Multiples Awareness Month.  I did a few things to celebrate!  First, I went to my very first Mothers of Multiples state convention (which I’ll be telling you about very soon), and secondly, we had the opportunity to get the babes a [...]

The Birthday Triplet Times


Our friends, the Birthday Triplets, have some very exciting news.  In fact – the news is, they’ve got a new newsletter and are offering a free subscription to all of their fans!  If you haven’t heard of these three fabulous sisters, read our review of The Birthday Triplets: Granny Rose’s Amazing Magical Day here! The [...]

The Pout-Pout Fish: Our Favorite Tales

Some of my favorite childhood memories were cuddled up with my Dad, reading a story. This was an EVERY night occurrence and something I am so thankful for.  So it’s no wonder that with my own children, I am committed to offering these same memories for my own babes – albeit a little harder with [...]