Anything Worth Having – A Twin Mom Rant

I think back to those words I first spoke when I found out we were having twins – “how will we pay for college?”  I was so completely unaware to the challenges of parenting multiples that I was oblivious that the 18 years prior to sending them to college would be way more of an [...]

A Small Yolk Sack – Throwback Thursday

I have been thinking a lot lately about my Brayden and how close we were to having a singleton pregnancy – and how much we would have missed out on if he hadn’t made it. You see, we found out we were pregnant very early, and as I had some abdominal pain, the doctor recommended [...]

Clothing Organization for Two: Twin Tips

The organization challenges began even before my babes came home from the hospital.  I remember the first clothing item I bought for the babies – a Winnie the Pooh three piece outfit, neutral in color since I wasn’t sure of the baby’s (singular at the time) gender.  It was all downhill from there as I [...]

Out and About

Last time I posted I promised I’d share my “out and about” experiences with my babes.  It’s been a while (yes I know) since I posted about getting out of the house but hopefully, on this Twin Tip Tuesday, I can share a little bit about how we survive when we leave home. In some ways, [...]

Twin Tips: Getting Out of the House

I was so spoiled for the first 9 months that my mom lived with us that I didn’t get the full “twin experience” until she moved out I don’t believe.  But once she was gone, I felt it full force, including that terrifying feeling about how I’d ever take them out – A L O [...]

Twin Tip Tuesdays

I have been trying to find time to blog a little more lately and am thinking that having a regularly scheduled post will help me keep with it.  When I thought about why unique thing my blog has to offer the world, I really think our twin experiences are what set us apart from all [...]