Twin Tips: Diaper Bag Checklist

Before our babies were born, I loved reading people’s posts on what to put in their diaper bags.  It’s funny how what you EXPECT you’ll carry, is really not what you carry at all.  I think diaper bag contents are a very personal thing, but preparing for your own unexpected is what diaper bag packing is all about.

One of the best gifts I got when expecting was from a dear co-worker.  It was a small diaper bag, packed with all the essentials, and a note from her own experiences, on what her bag included.  Although we already had a large bag purchased, Amy’s system employed both the big bag and the little bag to make packing quick and convenient.  Although I didn’t realize it at the time, her system is ingenious.

So today, I’d like to pass her gift on to you, and share the scoop on how I diaper bag for twins.

First, I have two bags – a small bag Eddie Bauer Bag with lots of pockets, and a large bag – the Chicco Cubes tote.  The small bag goes with me everywhere, and the big bag “refills” from the car.  Typically, I repack the small bag every time we go out, and the large bag stays in the car, and is only refilled if we take something from it.  I know it sounds like more work, but it really isn’t!  Especially with twins, I’m already laden down with so much gear and baby that having a little bag is perfect, but still always have the security that the big bag’s there for backup if needed.

Small Eddie Bauer Bag
Large Chicco Cubes Bag

So now for the good stuff – what’s IN my bags!

Here’s a sneak peak and a detailed list:

1 – Diapers:  We need two sizes and typically put four of each size in the small bag for a total of eight.

2 – Wipes: For little bums

3 – Diaper Rash Cream:  Luckily, we have not yet had to deal with serious diaper rash, so I bring a sample size pack – just in case something surprised me.  These samples came from new mom Similac packs and Motherhood Maternity goodie bags.

4 – Rubber Gloves:  For the occasional poopy diaper that makes you freeze in horror

5 – Ziplock Bag:  To contain the filthy clothing that the horrific diaper just leaked on.

6 – Changing Table Liners:  To protect your precious little one from other babies horrific diaper germies

7 – Receiving Blanket:  Used as an impromptu changing pad on the floor of a bathroom, to cover a carseat in the rain, or (obviously) to cover a babe when it gets chilly.

8 – Face Friendly Wipes:  I’ve got pukers, and don’t like the idea of putting bum wipes on their sensitive little faces.  Johnson’s smell nice and are resealable, and I believe Boogie Wipes are basically the same thing.  Babies R Us carries a bum wipe that’s also safe on faces in their travel size section, but the non-resealable package urks me.

9 – Pacifier Wipes: Helpful for when the only bink you have has fallen on the floor of the pediatrician’s office.

10 – Hand Sanitizer

11 – Cloth Diapers: For burp cloths, spit up, and for rolling up and propping under bottles for self-feeding while at restaurants.

12 – Formula Powder in Bottles: Once I realized how expensive Similac’s “to-go” bottles were, I figured I could easily make an inexpensive alternative myself.  I pre-measure and pack for simple mixing on the go.

13 – Bottled Water for Formula Powder: I love Aldi’s 10 oz bottles which are perfectly sized for my diaper bag, and two 4 ounce bottles (and a sip for me).

14 – Nipples: We pack the disposable ones from the formula samples just because I don’t “miss them” in my regular rotation.

15 - Pacifiers: One spare for each

16 – Toys:  We like thin puppets, a small klinky toy (keys) and our blinky multi-colored strobe light rubber chick toys from Easter.  Just enough to keep them occupied, but save space.

So there you have it – all of this fits in my small bag (amazing huh?) and most is replicated in my large bag with just a little more diapers, a larger pack of wipes, changes of clothes for each baby, more toys, more water, etc.

And since it’s so important to refresh those diaper bags regularly, I have a checklist by my door for easy reference in confirming bag contents.  Feel free to download my Twin Diaper Bag Checklist and use yourself!

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    I remember when my twins were younger, one diaper bag was just perfect. Now they are 8 months old and we had to get two big diaper bags just to keep both babies happy.

    Also, baby powder is always a plus for when they get older and want to go to the park, or sand box or the beach cause baby powder takes the sand right off without having to worry about all the sand in the car!

    And a small bottle of sunscreen for babies because you never know when that sun is going to come out and babies burn so easily. I never thought I would need it til summer hit and it was sooo hot.

    Love your blog! <3

  2. 2


    Yeah! You are liking my system! Now that Carleigh is three gone are the diapers and pull ups. Now it is a spare outfit from socks, shoes, undies and outfit. We pack books and quiet toys and of course our girls rule water bottle all in her own Dora the Explorer backpack… she carries it all.

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