Mix’n Match Pumpkin Magnets: Toddler Busy Bag Ideas

As I may have mentioned previously, I’ve been keepin’ busy building a super fun “busy bag” for the kids.  It’s a challenge finding ideas that are developmentally on target for our now 21 month olds, but I am glad to share with you some of my fabulous finds! When I first saw these adorable little [...]

PomPom Pusher: Toddler Busy Bag Idea

As we’ve been looking forward to a nice LONG car ride to the beach with the babies, I’ve been spending a lot of time putting together our our Busy Bag!  I’m going to be posting each activity that I included separately so it’s not too overwhelming so stay tuned for a future compilation post covering [...]

Out and About

Last time I posted I promised I’d share my “out and about” experiences with my babes.  It’s been a while (yes I know) since I posted about getting out of the house but hopefully, on this Twin Tip Tuesday, I can share a little bit about how we survive when we leave home. In some ways, [...]