Happy Easter!

We’ve been having an awesome time here lately celebrating Easter, and I just thought I’d pop up a little update post to share all of our fun.

The weekend started by hanging out at the Eggstravaganza at Victory Family Church where we’ve been attending the past few months. I really love this church for the powerful presence of God that I feel every time I visit. I end up literally dizzy from the intensity of worship. Those things are what bring me there – but – the amenities are so nice too. Victory seems to truly want to give visitors and members such a positive experience in every element of their church visit that every detail is in place – from visitor parking, to coffee bars, to extraordinary children’s programming. So just because of how things are at Victory on a weekly basis, I knew their Easter event would be great – but I couldn’t even imagine!


We started by hanging out in the Fire Engine which both babes thought was pretty awesome. From there, we moved on to the giant egg hunt. Brayden and Julie were a little too slow to collect many eggs, but it was awesome that the organizers had it all planned out to make sure no one was empty handed and handed out extra eggs after the hunt.


Next we went to visit the hall of princesses. It was totally worth the wait for Julie to meet about ten beautiful princesses from her favorite movies. It didn’t take her long to realize the routine was hug – turn – smile – “cheese” for me to get a picture. She really enjoyed it and it makes me so look forward to our fall trip to Disney. She’s going to love it!


Friday night, we had our annual egg dying with my aunt, uncle and cousin. The babes were so much more into it this year than years past. We stated out with two dozen eggs – but ended up with five after sending Dan out for more. The kids kept re-dying eggs they were having so much fun that I figured we could afford a few more.

Saturday night we headed back to church for an awesome Spirit filled service. While I do understand the origins of “Easter,” with it’s bunny’s and eggs is most likely Pagan, and that it’s important for Christians to celebrate the joy of resurrection at all times of the year – there is just something so meaningful to me about this time of year. I try to be more prayerful, and more intentional about my focus on God’s amazing sacrifice.

Sunday morning, we found our Easter Baskets and eggs (which the kids of course loved) and spent much of the day just enjoying our time together as a family. We even enjoyed the beautiful weather by blowing up our Bouncy House and jumping around in the yard.


Finally, we closed out Easter with a lovely dinner at my parents’ house. Traditional ham and potatoes, made extra special because of the people with which we’re blessed to share it.

Hope your Easter was full of joy and remembrance, and full of as much fun as ours was!

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