Bumper Magnet Review from BuildaSign.com

As a small business owner here in Pittsburgh, I am always working hard to find every opportunity to get the word out about our hair bow company – GiggleBuzz!

We were so excited to have the opportunity then, to partner with BuildaSign.com to create custom car bumper magnets with our logo and website! The ordering process with BuildaSign.com was very simple and I loved the ease of using their design interface to upload my graphics. It literally took five minutes to get my order placed. In just a few weeks, my magnets arrived at my door and I was totally thrilled with the results.


Our stack of magnets are just like bumper stickers – but instead of a sticky backing, are held to the car with the magnetic backing. They are 3×10 inches in size, and depending on quantity ordered, can be priced as low as $1.95 each. The ink process is interesting with these magnets as it looks as if they use a ink dot printing process. When you look very closely, you can see the multi-layer dots taking shape as images and text in your specified shades. It’s pretty neat to see, but when you’re at the distance of the average car stopped at a red light behind you – all they’ll see is your crisp clear message (or in my case – website).


You better believe I’m sticking these on just about every car I see. Okay, not without consent, but at the very least there will be one on every car that rolls into my driveway.


I did notice that a few of the cars we tried the magnets on just don’t have a metal hatch for a good stick – but we solve that problem by placing the magnet along the side.

We Loved:
- Easy design process
- Fast processing and shipping
- Printing just as requested
- High quality product for brand visibility

We’re looking forward to ordering from BuildaSign again very soon as they have a wide variety of products available – yard signs, custom banners, business cards, decals and more. It’s the perfect partner for enterprising small business owners like us.

And keep an eye out for more about GiggleBuzz next week when we do our customer appreciation giveaway! Maybe if you’re our lucky winner we’ll even tuck a bumper magnet in your package so you too can sport your GiggleBuzz pride!

Disclosure: Thank you to BuildaSign.com for providing free product for our review. All opinions remain authentically our own.

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