Pittsburgh Parenting Expo

We’re thrilled to share the news that the Pittsburgh Parenting Expo will be here very soon – in March 2014!  If you’re looking for parenting resources in Pittsburgh, PA this is definitely the place for you.

Parenting Expo Pittsburgh

Before the kids were born, and even now, I always felt tremendously overwhelmed by all of the parenting books out there for new moms.  From “What to Expect” to volumes about sleep habits, discipline, and sibling rivalry – there’s a book for just about everything.  But the problem is, particularly when you have twins, is that there is about ZERO time to sit back and read page upon page of parental wisdom.

So if you’re anything like me, you’ll be excited to hear that the the Parenting Expo will be coming to the Monroeville Convention Center (near Pittsburgh, PA) on March 8-9, 2014.  Why is this so awesome?  Because for the first time, you can come together with other passionate Moms, Dads, grandparents and guardians to listen to insightful presentations and workshops from Pittsburgh Parenting Experts.  Their advice will make your parenting experience a little easier – and make your kids’ parents even better at giving them all that they need.

Workshops and Presentations

With discussions that get right to the point, you’ll get exclusive advice from the parenting specialists straight from their fifteen minute presentations focusing on a huge array of topics.  Whether you’re a new parent struggling with sleep and toddler tantrums, or a seasoned parent with concerns about sport safety and college admissions, the Parenting Expo in Pittsburgh has an expert presentation for you.  Check out the full list of speakers for the Parenting Expo.

Some of the workshops we’re most looking forward to include:

Three Ways to Work with Picky Eaters by Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan
“Do you dread the dinner time battle? Have you tried every trick in the book to get your child to try new foods? It’s time for a change. Parents often think of dinner as a win-lose situation, use foods as rewards and punishment and think they have to trick their children into eating healthy. But it doesn’t have to be that hard! By working together, parents and children can have calmer, happier, healthier meals.”

3 Things You Need to Know for Potty-Training Success by Dr. Debi Gilboa
“There is no more talked about, stressed over milestone for most parents than potty-training a child. What age to start? What method to use? How can we have a good experience and get out of diapers? Dr. G will share the biologic truths about physical development and explain what strategies work best for which kids!”

3 Ways to Find Healthy Digital Media for Your Children by Tanya Smith
Technology and digital media are everywhere and seem to be taking over the world! In this workshop, we will discuss your comfort level with selecting and using technology with young children (digital natives). You will learn how to use an exciting new resource, the Early Learning Environment™ and other recommended tools. Ele highlights ways to turn media into language-rich, adult-child interactions and provides a set of fun and engaging activities, resources and other materials for adults that move beyond “tip sheets.”


This will be the place to be for all things “parent” in Pittsburgh.  The resources don’t stop with the presentations.  Some of the most important resources in Pittsburgh will be there, including cultural anchors like the Pittsburgh Zoo, distinguished universities like Chatham University, and countless local connections for family fun. The expo will be full of exhibitors sharing thousands of products, perfect for families, giving you hands on access to new technology and developments that meet your needs.  See the full list of exhibitors for the Parenting Expo here.

Need even more reasons to add the Parenting Expo to your calendar?

Family Fun – With free activities for children, and a safe fun environment for families, the Parenting Expo is the perfect way to spend some weekend time together.  You’ll find us rocking out to our favorite tunes with Radio Disney.  Stay up to date on all of the activities for kids here!

Kid Accommodations - Facilities to make the experience convenient for families including wide aisles for your strollers, plenty of space to change little ones or take a break from the excitement.

Discounts and Giveaways – You’ll go home with tons of perks – like samples and discounts for your favorite products and services.  Parents will also have the chance to enter exciting giveaways to win lots of parent “swag.”

Tickets at the door are $10
Children under 14 are FREE

Ready to buy your tickets?  You can purchase your eticket directly through the Parenting Expo site or by clicking here.

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