Julie at Two!

The babies have just had their second birthday this December and  thought  it would be the perfect time for an update.  Since Julie celebrated one short minute before her brother she is (as always) up first.

Isn’t she just gorgeous?  She’s always on the move, so sometimes a smiling portrait is tough – but I just love this picture of here.  Here she is – Julie at Two!
Height and Weight: 36 inches tall and 31.5 lbs
Wearing: 2T-3T

Favorite Food: Blueberries, Cheese, Noodles
Loves to…: Snuggle, sleep, watch Disney movies, ride on Mom’s shoulders, get tickled, help in the kitchen, paint, draw, color, play with stickers, climb on everything!  She likes to play with Mommy’s hair – especially using her new play brushes and hair dryer.  She adores stacking blocks (and anything else possible).  She’s not really into baby dolls yet, but loves taking baths and playing with all of her bath toys. She loves to label everyone’s “eyes, nose, hair, ears, and tongue” and is a bit of a dare devil.  Julie loves to get reactions from people – and will chase us with dinosaurs and sharks so that we squeal with fear. 

Favorite Toys: Little People, hair accessory set, nesting dolls, pop up boxes, easel, doctor’s set
Favorite Show: Bubble Guppies, Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, Toy Story
Word List: Mama, Dada, Ga, Pap, Nana (banana), hi, oh-no, boy/”bway” (for Brayden), more, car, please, bye, choo-choo, eyes, nose, hair, ear, “git”, kitty, pig, cow, duck, dog, “jewy” (Julie), me (interchangeable for mine), thank you, Mickey, Woody, Buzz, one, two, three, four, five, red, green, blue, up, cookie, cheese – and probably many more I can’t think of at the moment!
Biggest Accomplishments: Julie is making GREAT developmental strides!  We love seeing all the fantastic eye contact that has been a challenge for her in the past.  She is learning to communicate so beautifully and really able to express her desires.  We recently made the switch to a “big girl” toddler bed and after many nights of 4 a.m. escape, we’re finally finding some consistency sleeping through the night again.  She’s a wonderful little artist and enjoys using all sorts of art supplies to make little creations.  And while this is a strange accomplishment 
What an awesome kid!  We absolutely adore this little sweetheart.

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