Mix’n Match Pumpkin Magnets: Toddler Busy Bag Ideas

As I may have mentioned previously, I’ve been keepin’ busy building a super fun “busy bag” for the kids.  It’s a challenge finding ideas that are developmentally on target for our now 21 month olds, but I am glad to share with you some of my fabulous finds!

Magnet Pumpkin Mix and Match Busy Bag Activity for Toddlers

When I first saw these adorable little pumpkins from MamaMiss.com I fell in love.  What a fun, seasonal (yet not too spooky) idea for our bags.

Halloween Busy Bag Activity

Supplies Needed: 
Printable Pumpkin Faces from the amazing Melissa over at MamaMiss.com
Contact Paper
Magnet Sheet (got mine from walmart)
Pie Pan or Cookie Sheet

Magnet Pumpkin Mix and Match Busy Bag Activity for Toddlers

What I did: This one was pretty easy-peasy… I downloaded, saved and printed the pumpkin face document, and then covered the whole sheet (front and back) with clear contact paper.  Next, I cut around the circles and across the dotted lines creating 12 pieces.  Finally I cut pieces of magnet from my adhesive sheets (about 1/2 inch by 1 inch) and stuck them to the back of the pieces.  SO easy!

Pumpkin Magnets for Toddler Busy Bag

Pros: Simple, inexpensive, seasonal and enough pieces for twins to share!

Cons: None that I can see!

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