Buggy Bench Review

I recently posted about how I get out (and survive) with twins and one of our favorite accessories is the Buggy Bench.  It is a “must have” product for twins, and would be awesome for any family who has two children very close in age.

I was so lucky to have come across the the Buggy Bunch when I saw a Twiniversity’s facebook post asking twin parents about their favorite product made for multiples.  I was curious about the title, and googled!

So what is a buggy bench?  It’s an awesome strap-in seat, which secures into the basket of almost any regular shopping cart, and ensures a “back seat” for a second child.  It suspends a few inches over the bottom of the basket, keeping little bums comfy and safe.

The seat is cloth with a little structure in the back, and has four straps with clamp-like buckles which are really secure when wrapped around the rim of a shopping cart.  It does take me about five minutes to get it right where I want it, and get the child all settled, but boy is it worth it!

The seat includes safety seat straps, which buckle around the child’s waist to keep them seated – which is one of my biggest “pros” in comparison to just seating a child in the basket.  The seats come in a variety of colors, are washable, hold up to a 40 lb child, and in my opinion are of very high quality.

Twin Shopping Cart Buggy Bench Review
Brayden in his Buggy Bench

The absolute best thing about the Buggy Bench is that it allows families to take only one cart, and get a significant amount of stuff (placed around the child in the basket).  I have tried the two cart push-pull and the stroller/cart combo – both of which were a major fail.  This seat truly gave me the freedom to visit stores which don’t have double carts!

While the seat and child obviously prevents you from getting a very full overflowing load of groceries – reality  is (at least in our world) that impatient toddlers don’t allow you the time to do that much shopping.

I would definitely recommend the Buggy Bench to anyone who is struggling to take their twins shopping, and think it would be most appropriate for babies 10-12 months and older.  It would make a fantastic addition to any twin baby registry or as a gift for a twin baby shower!  Available at http://www.buggybench.com/!

Disclaimer:  This review is my own opinion and is not sponsored or endorsed by the makers of The Buggy Bench.  I was not receive any form of payment for my post.

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    Wow! Thank you for posting your review! I remember searching for something to help with my kiddos and I never saw this! It is just about perfect…going to check it out right now!


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