Twin Tips: Toys for Twins

I’m one of those geeky twin moms who would like their kids to coordinate but not always “match.”  It works out well since I have one of each, and we love to find outfits in similar color schemes or in coordinating patterns or with matching characters for girls and boys. Since the babies were born right before [...]

Twin Tips: Diaper Bag Checklist

Twin Diaper Bag Checklist

Before our babies were born, I loved reading people’s posts on what to put in their diaper bags.  It’s funny how what you EXPECT you’ll carry, is really not what you carry at all.  I think diaper bag contents are a very personal thing, but preparing for your own unexpected is what diaper bag packing [...]

Twin Tips: Clothes Pin Diaper Tracker

Every mother who has ever nursed (or attempted to nurse) knows the importance of tracking diapers.  It’s as if babies have a daily “quota” to reach of wet and dirty dipes so that you know that they’re getting all the goodness they need.  In the middle of the night fog, this tracking becomes especially hard. [...]

Twin Tips: Baby Clothes Inventory Sheet

If there’s one skill I can proudly share my abilities for, it’s process development.  In my former professional experience, I loved nothing more than figuring out how to make something more efficient.  I love to consider all the options, and come up with a streamlined process that makes things easier for myself and all involved. Now [...]