About Us

My name is Heather and I’m a new mom in my late 20′s.  Two years ago, I resigned from my position as a Program Manager for the Girl Scouts in order to stay home with our new family.  In my former role there, I cultivated volunteers, wrote program curriculum and managed events large and small.  Now I’m a full time stay at home mamma – and plan to be until at least my kids are in elementary school.

I love music, to travel, sing, watch movies, and spend time with my family.  I have a major needle phobia, and my pregnancy stretched my limits with those fears. I am hopelessly inartistic, and will fail at almost all craft projects I’d ever try – but I hope to improve.  My degree is in Sociology with a minor in English.  I love NPR and will analyze any social phenomenon to the Nth degree.  I hold a certificate in “Makeup Artistry” – but rarely wear it myself these days and am a little rusty.  I have dyslexia, and went undiagnosed until my senior year in college.  I have a massive faith, and am so thankful for my personal relationship with God.  I am desperately in love with my husband, who I truly believe is the perfect man for me.

Dan is the love of my life, fabulous Daddy, engineer, project manager, and grill master.  Jack of all trades and my partner in everything.  Read about how we met and our love story here!

julie1 Julianna has also been known as “Wiggle Butt,” “Julie Bean,” and “Beanie Baby.”  She is an amazing kid with a giggle that is the most beautiful sound in the world.  She loves art, snuggling, and is our total chatterbox.  Read more about Julie with her Two Year Old Update.



Brayden is everybody’s little buddy, and truly an “old soul.”  Nicknames include “Prince Charming” and “Bray-Bray.” He’s curious, a huge flirt, a complainer, giggler and completely incredible.  His newest obsessions include trains, dinosaurs, and cars.  Read more about Brayden with his Two Year Old Update.