Julie at Two!

The babies have just had their second birthday this December and  thought  it would be the perfect time for an update.  Since Julie celebrated one short minute before her brother she is (as always) up first. Isn’t she just gorgeous?  She’s always on the move, so sometimes a smiling portrait is tough – but I [...]

Matilda Jane Paint by Numbers Encore and $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Do you remember that adorable Matilda Jane outfit my sweet Julie got to model this past Fall?  Just in case you’ve forgotten, here she is again wearing the Limelight Peasant Top and  and Pointillism Big Ruffle Pants. She is absolutely darling if I do say so myself!  If you’re not familiar with Matilda Jane, be sure to check [...]

Double the Fun

For the past two years, I’ve had an almost daily struggle with the whole “twin mom” thing.  I hate the comments about my “hands being full”, I dread double the diapers, and have looked enviously at my mom friends who only have one little wonderful person to juggle.  I’ve feared that somehow we’d missed out [...]

Kulcar: An Innovative Solar Powered Car Ventilator Review

Our trip to Puerto Rico was the perfect escape from cold and snowy Pittsburgh, and a great time to try out our new Kulcar - a solar powered car ventilator! The compact device was small it easily packed in our checked luggage, and was easy to install even with almost no tools.  All we needed was the [...]

A Tale of Two Bathers

So I guess I should have learned by now, that my days of stealing a few quick minutes for a shower are limited.  We’d planned to head to the mall for just a little evening out, so I thought I’d get in for a quick scrub.With the door shut and Disney Jr on the television, [...]

Delicious Nonni’s Biscotti Review and Giveaway

I usually wake up with Brayden climbing onto my rib cage – ready to start his day much earlier than his Mama.  I rub my eyes, and groggily shuffle downstairs in search of some lukewarm coffee (leftover from the pot Dan brews before heading to work).  It’s been like this for a while, me with [...]

A Quick Family Update

Just a quick post to update on what we’ve been up to lately as I haven’t been able to post as often as I’d like to lately!  Here’s what’s been going on with us lately: GiggleBuzz is in overdrive, and I’ve been super busy bow making and running around to craft shows lately.  I unfortunately find [...]

We’re ready for Christmas with WOW Antlers

I can hardly believe we have less than 35 days before Christmas.  How did fall fly past me so quickly! So we’re planning to decorate the house this weekend, but my van is already fully ready in this super cute pair set of WOW Antlers.  They were super easy to install, and really make me [...]

An App for Families in our Scary World – React Mobile Review

There were lots of anticipated life changes when I first had the babies – less sleep, fewer nights out, lots and lots of love.  One of the biggest surprises to me was the sense of total and utter vulnerability – suddenly the world was a scarier place than it had ever been before. Just a [...]

Sweet and Simple Redecorating with CozyWallArt

This fall has been a BUSY time in my little studio, making hair bows until my finger prints wear burn off.  I’ve found the white walled room a little stark though, isolating and uninspiring as I worked at my table facing the blank wall.  Small improvements were made – a candle, more lights, my tablet occasionally propped [...]