A Love Story (Part 3): A Whirl Wind Romance (and a cool Cabbie)

The saga story continues – but if you’re just joining us, start with part one – here! Three months into our relationship, Dan and I boarded our plane for a trip to Hawaii.  He’d work most days during our trip, and I’d wander around Honolulu on my own.  We did find time to sneak in some sight [...]

A Love Story (Part 1): Our First Date

As Valentines Day approaches, I’ve been thinking about my own love and the amazing man I’ve had the privilege to marry.   You see, we do have a pretty special story, yet I’m not sure I’ve ever recorded it.  We’ll be breaking it into multiple posts since it’s pretty lengthy, but I wanted to offer [...]

Moving from Surviving to Thriving

When the ball dropped to ring in the new year, I always feel like it’s an awesome opportunity for a fresh start.  Personally, I like the hopefulness about it – it’s like you can shed the previous struggles and open your fresh wings in the new year. I really appreciate Coach Jenn who I had [...]

Carnegie Science Center: Field Trip Friday

During these super cold Pittsburgh days, I’m longing for something to get us out of the house and keep us busy.  While Dan might think I’m collecting new museum memberships just as fast as I’m collecting new ribbons, I have no regrets in our recent purchase of a Carnegie Museum Membership. One of my favorite [...]

GoldieBlox: Good for Girls?

The internets are all a twitter about GoldieBlox – whose superstar Super Bowl ad has put them at the top of facebook’s trending topics.  But the buzz is not all positive, criticizing GoldieBlox for their targeted marketing of “gender normative” girls.  Criticisms about product quality, copyright infringement, Chinese labor, and the need for “girl friendly” [...]

Single Mom Salute

Dan recently traveled to Puerto Rico to celebrate his brother’s bachelor party – leaving us for three long nights.  Of course, my wonderful mom was here, but it’s not quite the same.  The experience left me tired, and so thankful and appreciative for all of the support he provides. From being Mr. Clean, to helping [...]

Not-So-Terrible Twos

So our posts have been a little spare here lately but apparently, there’s this thing called “terrible twos” that has suddenly effected my kids and left me exhausted!  I’m kidding really (about the terrible part, not the exhausted part) but Brayden and Julie have suddenly discovered that they can demand request my help or presence – [...]

Brayden at Two!

Tonight I got the chance to spend an evening alone with Brayden.  Just running a few errands, but it was a lovely reminder of how much I adore this little guy.  He is a total joy… Height and Weight: 35 inches tall and 29 lbs Wearing: 18M-2T Favorite Food: Cheese Loves to…: Play with trains, run outside, pour water [...]

Field Trip Friday: BounceU of Warrendale

As we get back into the swing of things in the new year, we’ve been venturing out to find some new places to hang during these cold winter months.  A recent favorite has been BounceU of Warrendale and their weekday “Preschool Playdates.” BounceU has some super cool inflatables, including a giant two-story inflatable slide, giant [...]

Give Kate a Chance

I was so excited to see Kate Gosselin’s name at the top of my facebook “trending” list today.  After watching her family grow up on TLC, it was like seeing an old friend you forgot how much you’d missed.  I felt my nerves swell quickly though – as facebook trends are pretty limited to three [...]