St. Patrick’s Day Toddler Play Date


Last year, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a Toddler Play Date with a bunch of our favorite friends.  While we may have missed the opportunity to post last year, it’s so nice to catch up and share all of our activity ideas with you this year as the season of green has again rolled [...]

Weekend Update


Just a little update from our little family.  We had such a nice weekend, I thought I’d share! We started out with the babies much delayed Bubble Guppies Birthday party.  Having Christmas birthdays is such a tough thing and I haven’t quite settled on the best way to navigate this.  A week earlier is Dan’s [...]

A St. Patricks Throw Back Thursday


St. Patrick’s Day is coming and we’re looking for new photography ideas for the babies.  We thought we’d celebrate this “throw back thursday” with a St. Patrick’s Day picture from two years ago.  At three months old, we were inspired by the When My Baby Dreams photos and thought we’d snap our own version of our [...]

Swapping Kids Clothes with Swapdom


With twins, our closets are literally busting at the seams each season as we have racks (and piles) of clothes in two different genders, multiple seasons and numerous sizes.  We’ve told you a little bit about our consignment sale experiences, but we always have favorite outfits that we know would make someone very happy to [...]

5 Tips for Fabulous Beach Pictures


I think you guys must be ready for summer, because lately, you’ve ALL been reading my post about bringing babies to the beach! Ever ask yourself “how to take pictures of kids at the beach” or look for “beach pictures with kids” or “kids beach photo ideas?” I don’t mind…  I’m right there with you! [...]

Pittsburgh Parenting Expo


We’re thrilled to share the news that the Pittsburgh Parenting Expo will be here very soon – in March 2014!  If you’re looking for parenting resources in Pittsburgh, PA this is definitely the place for you. Before the kids were born, and even now, I always felt tremendously overwhelmed by all of the parenting books [...]

Katie’s Love Story


Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of sharing our love story.  We had so much fun that we thought we’d ask one of our favorite blog friends to share their amazing story for Valentine’s Day.  Before there was, this wonderful couple made their introduction halfway across the world with a letter.  What follows [...]

A Love Story: An Introduction

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing our “love story.”  Just as much for you, but as a reflection for ourselves, and to record our tale for our family in the future. My apologies to anyone who is an email subscriber and may have just had their email notifications go wild with five posts going [...]

A Love Story (Part 2): In the Beginning

If you’re just joining us in the telling of “our story” make sure you start with part one – here! After our first date, we quickly scheduled a second.  It may have actually only been two days later.  We went to Damons Sports Bar and watched a Cowboys football game.  Despite my lack of interest in [...]

A Love Story (Part 4): Becoming Family

Just joining us on this journey of love? Why not go back and start with part one – here! Back from Hawaii, we settled into a routine, spending as much time together as possible.  We got the sweetest dog, Duncan, and realized we could take care of something together. The rest of that first year, we [...]