Bumper Magnet Review from BuildaSign.com


As a small business owner here in Pittsburgh, I am always working hard to find every opportunity to get the word out about our hair bow company – GiggleBuzz! We were so excited to have the opportunity then, to partner with BuildaSign.com to create custom car bumper magnets with our logo and website! The ordering [...]

My Greatest Fear


Each night, I let myself relax, and seek God in prayer. I’m not fancy, and I don’t use any special words. One thing I always seem to pray for, is that I’ll have the blessing of someday, becoming a Great Grand Mother. I feel like being a great grandparent is the epitome of joy for [...]

Goosewaddle Blanket Review and Gift Set Giveaway


Other than my arms wrapped around them, there’s nothing more comforting to my babes than being wrapped up all cozy in a fuzzy blanket.  We have a new favorite in our house though – their new GooseWaddle blanket, and it is unbelievably soft, thick and luxurious.  I love everything about GooseWaddle – from their sweet name and adorable [...]

Spring has Sprung


I’ve never been one to appreciate the essence of spring – until this year that is.  I wasn’t into pastels, didn’t appreciate flowers as much as my mother did, and wasn’t wrapped up in the prettiness of it all. As a child, spring was a time to reignite neighborhood friendships that had gone dark over [...]

Fifteen Favorite Frozen Tutorials


Disney’s Frozen has officially arrived in stores (and living rooms) around the world.  If your family is like ours, you’ve had the DVD spinning since you brought it home!  The Frozen frenzy has left us searching for some of the best Frozen inspired tutorials out there.  You can find tutorials for just about anything – [...]

We’ve Made It!

After quite a challenging process, we’ve surfaced on “the other side” – with wordpress!  It’s a little messy right now though, as we work on sprucing up our design and installing all the buttons and widgets that make our page feel like home.  Give us a little time, and hopefully we’ll be back up and [...]

Simple and Delicious Homemade Guacamole Recipe


Are you looking for a simple and easy Guacamole recipe?  I think I have just the one for you – as we get ready to celebrate the season of green! I’d never had guacamole for the first twenty-eight or so years of my life.  I’d even “hold the guac” on my Chipotle burritos – but [...]

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Review: Field Trip Friday


We can’t wait for it to warm up here in Pittsburgh, but we won’t let the weather stop us from having fun!  This past week, we took a really fun trip to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and can’t wait to show you around! We started our trip in the Studio, where the kids painted, [...]

The Birthday Triplet Times


Our friends, the Birthday Triplets, have some very exciting news.  In fact – the news is, they’ve got a new newsletter and are offering a free subscription to all of their fans!  If you haven’t heard of these three fabulous sisters, read our review of The Birthday Triplets: Granny Rose’s Amazing Magical Day here! The [...]

Lessons in Parenting: Choosing Chores for Toddlers


It’s hard to believe how much my kids have grown up, even in the few short months since they’ve turned two.  One of the coolest things about this age is how they love to be “helpers.”  Julie’s the first to let me know with “oh no – spill” and ask for a “tow” (rhymes with [...]