It’s like they discovered America…

“Oh my gosh – they’re twins!”  It’s a phrase I hear more times than I can count when we go out to the store.  Other variations include “you have twins” and “there’s two of them!”  And I can’t help it – I’m a snark.  Deep down I’d like to sarcastically reply “Really???  I had no [...]


We’ve been struggling with getting the babies to sleep in their cribs – even for short periods – so that eventually, they can sleep there through the night.  With mom’s anticipated departure set for the end of March, we need to figure out a way for us to handle our pair overnight – alone.  Right [...]

Julie and Brayden Update: 2 Months

I am stealing this idea from another twin mom blogger, Mandy at The Fabulous Baby Striblings - tracking certain things each month in an update to see how my little ones are progressing.  One of my biggest regrets in mommyhood so far is not taking an official “One Month” picture (although we did take tons of pictures) [...]

Beach Babies

When I first saw Adele Enersen’s photographs at Mila’s Daydreams I was completely in love.  They featured a peacefully sleeping babe, with an intricate scene created by blankets and fabric.  I just could  not get enough of her images, and am looking forward to purchasing her book soon. In the meantime, we’ve decided to create our [...]

Oh Make Me Over

I’ve been spending more time in the world of blog-land, and am so jealous of all of the super lovely (professional, put-together, appealing) blogs out there and figured “I’m computer savvy – how hard could it be?”  After a week of obsessively scouring vector graphic databases, reviewing blogger tutorial forums, and struggling with HTML caos, I’ve decided [...]

A Tale of a Poopy Princess

There once was a perfect little princess named Julie who liked to snooze without worry and spend her days lounging in pink.  She was particularly excited one evening when her Daddy came home, cuddled her in his lap, and fed her a bottle of milk.  Little Julie was enjoying her late evening meal, when all [...]

Snugglin’ Up Close

I’m quickly learning that one of the biggest challenges as a parent is the sincere desire to do what’s best for your kids, even when what’s best isn’t clear.  We’ve been having some nighttime troubles with the babies which we think are due in part to their acid reflux and gas.  Sometimes it seems that [...]

Becoming Mamma

So it’s been almost a month since I posted anything, but as you can imagine, I’ve had my hands full with two new little ones and so finding time to blog has been limited.  It’s so important to me to document these days though, so I’m going to work harder to steal a few moments [...]

Home Sweet Home

While we are waiting for the twins’ arrival, we have gotten the nursery completely prepared.  Here’s a couple of pictures with and without furniture! My amazing mother spent weeks and weeks creating an incredible Hawaiian mural.  In celebration of our favorite place to visit, we thought this would bring bright contrast into the nursery, and [...]

The Waiting Game

We’ve made it to 37 weeks today, and we’d expected to meet our two little ones today – but here we are, waiting still, and trusting God to bring the babies in His time. Our doctors had scheduled us for a 37 week cesarean, and had me go in for an amniocentesis yesterday to ensure lung [...]