Rock-a-Bye Baby (Without the Tree)


While I was pregnant, I would run through the children’s songs I knew, and always cringed when it came to Rock-a-Bye Baby. I know it’s only a song, but I hated the thought of serenading my babes with these terrifying images of a cradle crashing down from a tree. So I made my own alternate version of Rock-a-bye Baby, and it’s what we’ve sung since the babes were born.

Since Brayden’s been having a tough time sleeping recently, it’s been sung more frequently as of late. Feel free to sing it to your little ones for a comforting change on an old classic.

Rock-a-Bye Baby (Without the Tree)
Rock-a-bye baby, here in your bed
Go now to sleep, and rest your sweet head.
When you wake up, we all will be here.
So sleep now, my baby, sleep now, my dear.

Rock-a-bye baby, here in your room
Go now to sleep, and you’ll wake up soon.
Then in the day, we’ll all sing and play.
So sleep now, my baby, sleep now, I say.

Lyrics by Heather Coleman (2014)

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