Lessons in Parenting: Choosing Chores for Toddlers

It’s hard to believe how much my kids have grown up, even in the few short months since they’ve turned two.  One of the coolest things about this age is how they love to be “helpers.”  Julie’s the first to let me know with “oh no – spill” and ask for a “tow” (rhymes with cow) to clean it up.  I’m so impressed with Brayden’s abilities to follow two step directions, and put things away when asked.

So when I came across Dr. G’s blog post about kids and chores, I thought it was time to think more about the ways my kids could help in a more structured way.  Head over to Dr. G’s blog and hear all about the three major benefits for bringing chores into your kids’ routine – and download her free, age appropriate chore chart for your little ones!

For our kids, we’re starting small.  Our first chore routines include:

  • Dumping our plates into the garbage after meals
  • Using towels to help clean up our spills
  • Helping to sweep when we play with rice and other sensory materials
  • Wiping the table after making messes with paint
  • Cleaning up our piles of toys when we’re finished playing (still working on this)
  • “Feeding our pets” (with treats) every day
Of course, they take some prompting, but here’s hoping with a little encouragement and consistency, we’ll be well on our way to reaping the rewards of family chores.
Speaking of Doctor G, she’s the the official spokesperson for the Parenting Expo in Pittsburgh happening this weekend.  If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, head over to our event post and get your promo code for a last minute discount!  Don’t delay though – the discount ends at 5 p.m. on March 5th!

Here’s Doctor G., talking more about the event!  Come see her live this weekend, and hang out with us at this super fun filled event!

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