Swapping Kids Clothes with Swapdom

With twins, our closets are literally busting at the seams each season as we have racks (and piles) of clothes in two different genders, multiple seasons and numerous sizes.  We’ve told you a little bit about our consignment sale experiences, but we always have favorite outfits that we know would make someone very happy to find.

We’d dabbled in online trading before – but found the previous site we used to have a few problems.  Primarily, the person with a young child needing sizes we’d outgrown, had little to offer us when we were looking for larger sizes to grow into.  It was really a bummer to have to tell someone “no-go” and not clear out my clothing stash – and at the same time – not get what we needed!

How to swap kids clothes online!

I was thrilled then when I was introduced to Swapdom!  It’s absolutely the perfect solution.  Here’s the basics of how it works:
1 – You photograph and post items you no longer want.
2 – You browse to find the items that you love, and then indicate what items you see as a “fair trade” for the things you like.
3 – You sit back and wait as the awesomeness of Swapdom goes to work like a fabulous matchmaker.

You see, that’s the magic of Swapdom.  Their algorithm connects the person who wants your stuff, with the person who has stuff you want – and creates a multi-person swap so that everyone wins!  This video does an excellent job at illustrating the process.

Swapdom – How it works from Swapdom on Vimeo.

They make it easy and affordable to get the things you want – while supporting a sustainable environment by encouraging reuse.  And as any mom with little ones knows, going shopping out of the house can be close to impossible.  This convenient system lets you shop from your couch!  Even when you ship your item to your trade partner, their relationship with UPS allows you to print your label from home, never having to wait in long post office lines.

Getting started, I’ve uploaded three little gems, and am excited to get my first connection for a swap!

Swapping Kids Clothes
The possibilities of what you can post are really endless.  Here’s some things I’m looking forward to adding:
- Last year’s kids coat’s and swim suits
- Bottles from our baby days
- Hair bows from GiggleBuzz
- The huge box of “baby toys” we’ve accumulated
Swapdom just launched their kids division, so jump in now and ensure that your items will get tons of exposure as people discover the site.  And spread the word!  This is too cool not to share.  With all of our friends joining us, the variety for kids swaps will get even better.  In the meantime, you can always trade in that pile of outgrown kids clothes for some swanky sunglasses or a new necklace for yourself – we won’t tell anyone!  Swapdom has been working with swapping fashionistas for a while so they’ve got tons of experience in creating happy swapers throughout the country.
As if you needed another reason to love Swapdom – they’re giving away a top of the line Phil&Teds Stroller for their facebook fans and members!  Click here to like their page and enter the giveaway, ending 2/28.
Come on and connect with me on Swapdom – check out my profile and make a swap!  Your heaps of outgrowns will be shrinking, while your mailbox will be full of lots of lovelies to fit your little ones.
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Swapdom but all photos, opinions and experiences are my own.

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