St. Patrick’s Day Toddler Play Date

St. Patricks Day Toddler Play Date Ideas
Last year, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a Toddler Play Date with a bunch of our favorite friends.  While we may have missed the opportunity to post last year, it’s so nice to catch up and share all of our activity ideas with you this year as the season of green has again rolled around.
We always try to keep things short and sweet, so we had some free play time, music, craft and snack.  I had a story ready and waiting – but the kids seemed a little too busy this time!  Our kids were all around 12-18 month toddlers for this play date but I think they’d even still enjoy most of the activities.
St. Patrick's Sensory Box
We started with a sensory bin filled with lots of green things – blocks, shapes from our shape sorter, balls, glitter shamrocks and gold coins from the craft store.  We also included shamrock shaped Mardi Gras beads which the kids loved finding.  To make our sensory bin nice and green, we filled it with green split peas which were absolutely perfect!
St. Patrick's Craft for Toddlers
While we played, we put on some good uptempo Irish music to keep things lively.  If you don’t have any already, iheartradio offers a free Shamrock Radio station that would work very well!
Tissue Paper Rainbows with Contact Paper
We worked on our St. Patrick’s Day craft, which was really simple to bring together.  We started with a piece of blue paper and cut a wide U shape from the center.  Folding the paper lightly in half makes this very easy.  We cut a matching sized piece of contact paper, peeled the backing, and applied it to the paper – leaving the adhesive “sticky” through the rainbow shaped window.
St. Patty's Projects for Kids
We had cups of tissue paper squares in all of the colors.  Some kids needed some assistance, but for the most part, everyone had a good handle on this simple St. Patty’s Day project.
rainbow preschool crafts
Even a year later, our finished product still hangs on the white board in our kitchen.  This would also look great in front of a window giving a sun-catcher effect!
st. patricks day party for toddlers
We finished our play date off with the traditional snack of leprechauns – Lucky Charms.  We’re not one for formalities.  We pretty much pour it on the table and let them graze for the marshmallows.
St. Patrick's Day Story
And while our kids were pretty played out, we had a great little story picked out to finish out the event.  Perfect for toddlers just learning their numbers, this festive book will have them counting along!
What other ideas for St. Patrick’s Day play dates have you used in the past?  We’d love to hear from you!

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    These are really great ideas. i especially love the rainbow. I have a toddler and I am always looking for fun ideas. To be honest, I’ve never really done much to celebrate St. Patty’s day, beyond dressing the kids in green. Maybe I”ll change that up this year!


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