A Love Story (Part 4): Becoming Family

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Back from Hawaii, we settled into a routine, spending as much time together as possible.  We got the sweetest dog, Duncan, and realized we could take care of something together.

The rest of that first year, we just enjoyed our time together.  Dan’s house became “our place” and once empty rooms became filled with furniture and gained a “woman’s touch.”  I got to know his family, and he spent plenty of time with mine.  My whole family knew I was completely smitten with this Prince Charming.

We both worked a lot, but savored every bit of time together.  Through it all, I was always curious where his baggage was – his skeleton’s in the closet.  I’m glad to report that regardless how much time passed, Dan was the same wonderful guy and had no nasty surprises lurking around the bend.

Right after our first Christmas together, Dan hinted that he’d bought a ring.  Each day I was so eager, waiting for him to pull it out of the cheese in the refrigerator – or have it tied to the dog – or spring it at New Years.

What I wasn’t expecting though, was just a few days before our first anniversary, for him to call me upstairs.  I’d been watching a movie on the couch, and he’d been up there for a while.  I hadn’t thought anything of it.

He called from the top of the steps, and I came to the staircase to see it decorated with flower petals and candles leading to upstairs.  He popped out of our bathroom with a “well hello” and dropped to one knee.  Obviously I knew what was happening – and was a tearful ball of emotion.  Of course, I accepted and we celebrated by enjoying a bottle of wine brought back with us from Hawaii.  Dinner at the Melting Pot followed and has become an annual anniversary tradition.

Wedding by Craig Photography

We got married a year and three months later in April 2010.  It was a beautiful blue sky day filled with joy and celebration.  When we welcomed our babies in December of 2011, it was a wild realization of how much our lives had been changed.  In less than four years, we’d met, married, traveled, and became parents to two amazing kids.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve now been together for six years, but of course, these have been the best six years of my life.  I pray every night that I get to be with him for at least sixty years, so we’ve really only just begun our love story.  I have no rose colored glasses when I think about marriage.  It is hard work sometimes, and there’s not a couple I know who haven’t faced times of struggle in their lives together.  I know without a doubt though, that there is no other person I’d rather work beside, and together face life with, during the challenges and successes.

Moral of the story – never underestimate the power of a “wink” and some old fashioned chivalry.  Without a doubt, I found the man of my dreams.

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