A Love Story (Part 2): In the Beginning

If you’re just joining us in the telling of “our story” make sure you start with part one – here!

After our first date, we quickly scheduled a second.  It may have actually only been two days later.  We went to Damons Sports Bar and watched a Cowboys football game.  Despite my lack of interest in football or the Cowboys, I was interested in Dan and that was enough to keep me occupied.  One thing that stood out all of this time is that Dan was the most polite guys I’d ever met.  He was a true gentleman, never overstepping boundaries or being too forward.

This time, after our date, he walked me to my car and planted one sweet kiss on these lips of mine.  And I smiled… and smiled… and smiled – the whole.way.home.  I think that was really what did it… he had my heart from that moment on.

Our next date was a little unusual – we went to IKEA with my Mom.  Now, we are a family of mighty faith, so when my mom retells her experience of God putting it on her heart that morning, that that day, she’d meet her son-in-law, I have no doubt.  After our shopping excursion, we went back to Dan’s house (now our house) for the first time to watch a movie.  This was the day he asked me to be his “girlfriend” officially.  At first, I said I’d have to think about it, but after about half an hour I realized I was crazy to even consider not accepting, and said that I’d be happy to take that title.

Our Early Dates – Matrix (left) and Bowling (right) 2008

Dates to follow included bowling and dancing at the Matrix club.  We were having a wonderful time getting to know each other.  After a few weeks, Dan told me that he’d told his parents about me, and that they were glad he’d “found someone.”  We joked that it was like he “found me under a rock” and that I’d picked him “out of a Russian Bride catalog” but his use of the phrase showed me that he was pretty interested.

As did his next commitment – signing up to take Salsa dance lessons with me.  While I’d planned to take the classes with a guy friend, Dan said he’d really want to do it with me.  In doing so, we set a regular Tuesday night date filled with dancing and usually dinner.  It was so nice knowing I’d get to see him during the week, and it would tide me over to weekend dates.

But we never did get to finish our Salsa sessions.  During one of our post-dancing dinners, we were talking about going on a little vacation together.  Dan said that he might need to go to Hawaii for work, and that maybe I could go too.  I was over the moon, and refused to even talk about it until we were certain we could go.  One afternoon I got the call – three months into our relationship, I’d be going to Hawaii with the nicest guy I’d ever met.  And it was then that I realized, I was the luckiest girl in the entire word…

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