Field Trip Friday: BounceU of Warrendale

As we get back into the swing of things in the new year, we’ve been venturing out to find some new places to hang during these cold winter months.  A recent favorite has been BounceU of Warrendale and their weekday “Preschool Playdates.”

BounceU Wexford PA

BounceU has some super cool inflatables, including a giant two-story inflatable slide, giant bounce houses, a “wipeout” style obstacle course inflatable, and even things like inflatable baseball.  These are the perfect things to get kids excited, active and spend some of that built up winter energy.

We’ve had the pleasure of attending twice recently and always make sure we show up during their Preschool Playdate sessions.  These Monday, Thursday, and Friday open play events are only an hour, but offer plenty of time for our little ones to get their bounce on.  It’s $8.25 per child, but we opt for the 5/$35 pass which gives you just a little discount.

My kids absolutely love it and we’ll definitely be back again before things start warming up.  I love seeing how brave Brayden can be as he troops off to climb the massive slide all on his own.  The sheer joy on his face on the way down is so fantastic.  Julie is just awesome when she’s bouncing.  I swear her focus just comes out and she really has a ball.

A few recommendations if you check our BounceU:
- Bring socks, they’re required!
- Call ahead.  We recently had a playmate get turned away since they hadn’t called ahead to save a spot.
- Thow some water bottles or sippies in your bag.  They will be thirsty after all that activity
- Attempt a 1:1 adult to kid ratio if your littles are little.  We made our first attempt without backup and it was tough to really keep an eye on both kids.

I REALLY regret not bringing my camera to give you some shots of all the fun we’ve had.  Don’t fret though!  I’m sure we’ll be back soon and will capture all the bouncing very soon!

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    We love Bounce U in Warrendale! And, I’ll tell you a secret – I had MY 38th birthday party there, adults only on a Saturday night. We had a BLAST!

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    Wow I wish we had one of these near us, it sounds like so much fun. We are having Jack’s second birthday party this weekend and we are traveling about 45 minutes to a place that doesn’t sound as fun as this!

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