Brayden at Two!

Tonight I got the chance to spend an evening alone with Brayden.  Just running a few errands, but it was a lovely reminder of how much I adore this little guy.  He is a total joy…
Height and Weight: 35 inches tall and 29 lbs
Wearing: 18M-2T

Favorite Food: Cheese
Loves to…: Play with trains, run outside, pour water between cups and go “bye bye.”  Brayden has graduated from his past obsession carrying measuring little people – to carrying Little People figures everywhere.  He’d carry a dozen at a time if he could figure out how to hold on to them all!  Woody and Buzz are his favorites of course.  He loves to make animal noises and growl, serve play food from his kitchen, and is very nurturing to his baby dolls.  Brayden has recently discovered tickling, and believes that he can even tickle himself with enough of a chuckle.  Brayden is a great musician and can march and clap to a beat, strum his (or mommy’s) ukulele, and sing along with Christmas carols.  He’s awesome at the Falalalalas and Par-um-pum-pum-pums.

Favorite Toys: Trains, Little People (and pez), Dinosaurs, Cars, Pillow Racers, Bouncy House, the Thomas Roller Coaster.
Favorite Show: Octonauts, Sophia the First, Toy Story, Chuggington
Word List: Uh-Oh, No, Choo-Choo, Da, Ma-ma, Up, “git,” Pap, pop, yum, bye-bye, peese (please), ank you (thank you), more, go “zzz” for “Buzz” and lots of animal sounds.  Brayden definitely has a ways to go with his words and we do our very best to keep the binky out of his mouth and encourage him to use his words whenever possible.
Biggest Accomplishments: Brayden’s doing awesome with his physical abilities – jumping, marching and climbing up and down stairs with ease.  His compassionate side has been growing with his ability to share and take turns (although we still work on these things daily).  We love watching Brayden explore his love of music.  It really is a cool thing to see your child discover something you yourself are so passionate about.
Brayden is such a sweet and exciting boy.  We have an absolute joy being his parents!

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