We’re ready for Christmas with WOW Antlers

I can hardly believe we have less than 35 days before Christmas.  How did fall fly past me so quickly!

So we’re planning to decorate the house this weekend, but my van is already fully ready in this super cute pair set of WOW Antlers.  They were super easy to install, and really make me feel like I’m in the holiday spirit!

These festive antlers include multiple LED lights and a battery pack to really light up your holiday driving!  
Attaching securely to the side window, it was super simple to install.  Simply roll down your window, clip over the side, and roll up!  It literally took me five minutes to get everything out of the box and onto the car.

One QUICK word of caution.  If you have these weather gaurds on your front windows as I do (above) – I’d recommend choosing another window to install.  I hadn’t considered it and the result wasn’t so great.
Adding the peppermint plush nose in the front with a wire into the grill decoration was the finishing touch to make my van ready to pull Santa’s sleigh (or load full of toddlers) The kids really got a kick out of them and I can’t wait to drive around with them all lit up as we checkout Christmas lights this year!

There’s still plenty of time to order a set for your favorite vehicle.  They even have antler sets for bikes!  To order, visit their site at WOW Car Antlers or pick up a set at Pep Boys or Autozone!  Be sure to connect with Wow Antlers  on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest on social media!
Want a set for yourself or a friend?  You’ll be excited to know we’re giving one away!  Enter below!
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    On our favorite traditions is to trim the tree while watching The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. We also participate in the Jingle Bell Dog walk, a fundraiser for our local shelter. We make our dogs’ costumes with the extended family on Thanksgiving.

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