The Birthday Triplets: Granny Rosie’s Amazing, Magical Day – Review and Giveaway

We love finding fabulous new children’s books to fall in love with – and ones about families with multiples are especially exciting!  We were thrilled then, when we had the opportunity to check out the new children’s book, The Birthday Triplets: Granny Rosie’s Amazing, Magical Day.

This sweet book begins with lonely Granny Rosie, saddened that she’d yet again spend her birthday alone.  She begins looking for a distraction – maybe something in her recipe book?  But none of those adventures seemed quite right – until, that is, a special invitation arrived!  With a little hope and a few special ingredients, Granny was in for a birthday surprise hosted by the magical Birthday Triplets!

Three special girls – Candi, Cookie and Coco (and their pooch Chocolate Pudding) bring excitement and joy to brighten Granny’s special day.  Singing and dancing along, the triplets bring celebration wherever they go.

This beautifully whimsical book creates such a delightful world for it’s readers.  With a consistent end rhyme, it’s a great book to read aloud – such an important thing for our family story time!  The story shares values like compassion and joy and is filled to the brim with fun.  The images are simply gorgeous and full of detail.

Family Reading Time

While my toddlers surely enjoyed our time reading this book together, especially pointing to all of the pictures along the way.  I think an ideal age for readers might be between 4 and 7.  It’s perfect to share together for family reading time, or reading independently for a beginning reader.

The Birthday Triplets: Granny Rosie’s Amazing, Magical Day would be the perfect gift for any special birthday as it would bring the magic of celebration into story time.  For families with multiples, this exciting adventure adds an element of familiarity, and illustrates the love and partnership sisters share with one another.  Finally, little ballerinas would be big fans of these dancing triplets with their adorable ballet shoes and tutus.

We loved The Birthday Triplets and I know you will too – even if you’re a family of one, two, or three special girls!


We are so excited to share this special book, signed by both the author and illustrators, to one of our readers!  Enter using the Rafflecopter below, and good luck!

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  1. 7


    I would say my favorite is Cookie and I really can’t remember my favorite birthday memory. I’m so old and it’s been so long although this year wasn’t too bad. Hubby took me out to dinner and we had a really good time away from the kids. :)

  2. 13


    My own personal bday memory is my sweet 16, my whole family was there, it was so special and magical, My aunt got me a gold and ruby birthstone ring, it was one of the most expensive items anyone had ever gotten me and I felt like gold that birthday, it was just a very nice nice nice party. I love my family and someday I hope to do the same for my daughters. <3

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