Where oh where…

“Where oh where has that Twin Mamma gone – oh where can she be?  With her blog abandoned and with no excuse, oh where oh where is she?”
About three months ago, I alluded to just how busy things had become in our house, and about two weeks later, I celebrated father’s day with a note about my awesome dad, and then – silence.  

I think the problem was that I got SO excited to be a stay at home Mom, and started dabbling in everything. Blogging, freezer cooking, ancestry, playgrouping, hairbow making, consignment shopping/selling, and most of all photography.  All of these “hobbies” could have made for a full time job as it was, let alone the two wild and wonderful babers that I’m responsible for.  I had to choose just one, and it ended up to be photography.

So a little update is in order…  Grammy is STILL in residence here with us – for one more week.  Then we hit the beach for a much needed vacation.  And upon our return, she’ll officially be going home.  I’m TERRIFIED but I do think we’ll survive.  Boy will we miss her.  We would have never ever ever been as sane through this process without her.

I bought a fabulous camera in May, took a fantastic class through the local community college throughout the summer, and have built a little photo studio which has taken over what will eventually be our playroom. It’s filled with light stands and umbrellas and strobes and all sorts of goodness of which I’ve just begun to learn the capabilities. I just finished up a set of portraits for the babies that I am so proud of and will be sharing lots of pictures soon.  Now that all of this research and purchasing is done, I’ll have way more time to get back to blogging.

The babies are doing so so well.  They’re growing up so fast!  Brayden is moving all over, crawling all over creation to get where ever he wants to go.  Julie’s just beginning to seem motivated to move, but boy can that girlie talk!  She has mastered Dada, Mama and Baba.

We’ll be doing a combined 6-8 month update (oops) later this week to give all the details on our sweet little ones.

It’s so so good to be back!

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