Perfectly Painted Pretty Little Piggies

“This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home.  This little piggy had roast beef…”

Julie and I have been playing this game for a few weeks now, and she’s just starting to giggle and smile as she feels the tickle on her toes.  And her toes are of course – perfectly adorable.  But my years of fantasizing about all the girlie things my daughter and I will do have gotten the best of me, and those tiny little toes are just a bit too tempting to resist.  I couldn’t help it – they had to be painted.

I waited until she was three months old, I didn’t want to be unreasonable of course!  And yes, my mother has warned me that babies put everything in their mouths – including their toes.  Considering this, I figured it was important to go in search of a baby friendly nail polish as my personal fave OPI was chalk full of toxins and chemicals certainly not toe-sucking friendly.

When I came across Piggy Paint I thought I may have found exactly what I was looking for.  A great variety of colors, reasonable prices, and (most importantly) baby safe.  Their slogan is “natural as mud,” and the paint contains no toxins or harsh chemicals.  It’s biodegradable and water soluble making it eco-friendly.  It’s so gentle, it will come off with rubbing alcohol, and is unlikely to stain carpets.

I gave it a try and loved the results!  We ordered both paint, remover and a paint pen, which made painting teensy tiny toenails a breeze.  The color had great saturation and looked super after a few coats.

Here’s what I picked:

The Cuddles and Kisses Gift Set
Angel Kisses Paint Pen

For our first pedicure attempt we used the Angel Kisses Paint Pen and I think Julie loves it!  Here she is today checking out her own fabulous feet.

Perfectly Pink Piggies

I’m totally a fan and can’t wait to continue the fun of showing off her pretty paint job throughout the summer. Next time Julie and I play “this little piggy” – that last little pig will finally have something to cry “wheeeee” about on his way home.

This review is not endorsed, or encouraged by Piggy Paint nor was I compensated in any manor for my opinions.

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