Mamma’s of Multiples

Tonight I attended my very first “North Pittsburgh Mothers of Multiples” meeting and had a lovely time.  Usually, it seems like it’s more effort and stress than it’s worth to get out of the house.  The stress doesn’t balance out the stress relief of going out.  Tonight was different though.  It was totally worth going out.

So I’ve been thinking about joining since I was pregnant, but I was working, and waddling and it just didn’t seem like it’d be the best time to go.  I figured since we’re now out of the pure chaos stage, it was time to get to it.  So I took a shower, put dinner in the crock pot and was on my way.  My wonderful hubby even knew how much I needed the break, so he came home at 5:00 and my sister came over to give Dan some “back up” while I was gone.  Yes, someday he’ll need to know how to manage them himself.  That day has not yet come yet.

At the meeting, I got to know a few of the Moms and asked lots of questions about their experiences.  The more I read other twin mom blogs and meet other mothers of twins, I realize how rare the fact that I delivered at 38 weeks really is.  So many of these moms had to experience the heartbreak of NICU life, and I am so truly blessed to have had my sweet babes come home exactly 60 hour after their birth.  God is so so good…

What do mothers of multiples do at such meetings?  Apparently, have fun and relax.  Of course on occasion, I’m sure they do much more important serious things like discuss sibling rivalry and twin developmental stages, but tonight’s meeting was just some much needed fun.  We decorated cup cakes!  Here’s a few that we made…

Mum's the Word Cupcakes
Mum Cupcakes

Made these tonight!
Sunflower Cupcakes

So super fun and I was actually proud of my creative capabilities for once!  I came home refreshed and actually eager to hold, feed and snuggle my little ones.  And the best surprise of all – my incredible hubby cleaned my mess up while I was gone and now, I feel like I’m not drowning underneath the chore list.  He really is the best.

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