Meet Julianna

Ever since I was in my mid-teens, I’ve known (well – hoped and prayed at least) that someday I’d have a lovely little girl.  Her name would be Julianna Marie and I would have so much fun being her mom.  When we found out that we were pregnant, deep in my heart I so hoped that this would be my chance to meet this special little girl, but already was pretty sure that I was carrying a boy.  So when we discovered that there were two – I had a spark of hope that now would be our time.

When we had our ultrasound, the tech (of course) determined the sex of our son first.  When she said that Baby B was a girl, my heart leaped for joy.  We are so blessed to have the both of best worlds.  While Dan’s always dreamed of playing ball with a son, he too is so thrilled to experience the joys of a daughter.  She will be such a special girl.

Luckily, Dan also loved the name that I’d chosen for her over ten years ago – Julianna – pronounced JEW-LEE-YANNA (with the end rhyming with “Hanna”).  While I know I’ll never be able to prevent people from their own pronunciations of her name, we much prefer this to JEW-LEE-AWNA which sounds a little more “eastern European” to us.  I already call her “Julie” more than anything else…

She is my little feisty girl.  While Brayden is crowded on the left side, Julie is sprawled out on the right along my whole side.  She loves to kick and I can often see the right half of my stomach moving and shaking as she gets comfortable.  Julie lets me know when she’s not content.  For instance, when I lay on my right (where she’d be on the bottom) she kicks and kicks until I flip over.  She also loves music…  Whenever I play something loudly in the car, she wiggles around like she’s dancing in their – especially when I sing along.  I dream of her being a little Irish Step Dancer someday.

I’ve told my mother that I think I may be carrying a mini-me – feisty and spirited.  If this is the case, boy are we in for an adventure!

My hopes as a mother are that she’ll grow to learn how special and unique she is.  I want her to believe in herself without question, and know that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.  She will do incredible things with her life, and I can’t wait to see who she becomes.


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    Awww…Congratulations on twins:) They’re extra special fun. I saw that you started following my blog and wanted to check out yours. You’re doing a great job of documenting it for your children.


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