Meet Brayden

Brayden is our “baby A” and therefore I thought he should go first with introductions.  From the moment I knew I was having twins, I have felt such a special bond with Brayden because he was the underdog – our baby with the smaller sack and an indeterminable destiny.  But I knew God had big things in store for him, and that he would figure out a way to grow into a big strong baby.

I also have felt so connected with Brayden because I was sure, within weeks of becoming pregnant – even before I knew that there were two – that we would be having a boy.  I know he is the son Dan has thought about every time he’s considered what fatherhood would be like, and of course, we can’t wait to meet him!

I’d never really considered what it would be like to have a son, as my motherhood fantasies typically involved lots of frilly dresses and hair bows.  I’m eager for him to learn to be the type of man his dad is – one that is patient and kind, a hard worker who loves and respects his wife.  In all of my hopes to teach my daughter about being an independent woman it had never really dawned on me how men are just as much a part of the equality equation and I’m excited about the opportunity to raise him in that perspective.

So what is Brayden like?  I think he is strong and brave because of how he overcame the early challenges he faced in our pregnancy.  He has grown to be even bigger than his sister (by millimeters of course).  He’s patient and accommodating, which I know because he’s scrunched himself into a little “frank breech” ball, while his sister sprawls out on my right side.  He’s not a pushover though, and makes himself known quite frequently with his pokes and kicks.  He is such a special boy…

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